Reasons to Purchase LOFF Tokens


We are offering a high rate of return, 5% of sales revenue.


LOFF will be issued using Ethereum-based, blockchain, decentralised technologies and managed by our ICO partner Chainstarter.


LOFF Tokens will be tradeable, offering liquidity.


This is a crypto token investment with a real business backing it up.


ICO Token Return on Investment Forecast: 13% in 2018, 40% 2019 and 128% by 2022.

We have defined two scenarios that cover our financial forecasting. The first is based on optimistic uptake forecasts and the second is a baseline forecast. See graphs below that demonstrate the revenues and annual % return for both.

See our White Paper for more details and assumptions.

Annual Return on Tokens - Baseline Forecast

Annual Return on Tokens - Optimistic Forecast

Projected Revenue - Baseline Forecast

Projected Revenue - Optimistic Forecast

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