You will need:

  1. Passport
  2. Utility Bill
  3. Your crypto-wallet details.
  4. Your mobile smartphone (connected to wifi)
  5. Social Security Number (US investors)
Step 1 - Sign In

Create your ChainStarter sign in by providing the following information

  • Provide your email address
  • Email confirmation required
  • Code confirmation via email
  • Country of origin to be provided
Step 2 - Identity

Next is the need for your Identity check then via the YOTI mobile App  

  • Download the YOTI App from your App store
  • Take a ‘Selfie’ as instructed by the app
  • Confirm your mobile number (it will not be stored)
  • Set your PIN Code
  • Press ‘Create ID’ – you will be asked to record a short video pronouncing a few words given by the app
  • Wait while your video is approved
  • Upload your passport by going to ‘Settings’ – ‘My Account’ – ‘Passport’
  • Wait while your passport is approved
  • Confirm your email by going to ‘Settings’ – ‘My Account’ – ‘Email Address’ (The email should be the one you are registering with Chainstarter)
  • Scan the QR code below

When app asks, press ‘Allow’ to send the data to Chainstarter

Step 3 - Home Address
  • You will need to give your home address details.
  • This may require you to provide specific evidence of you address (eg a utility bill) if auto-verification of the address provided is not possible.
Step 4 - Investor Qualification/Screening

For US investors the process requires that you

  • Provide a social security number and identity documents
  • Auto checks are then performed via credit bureau providers
  • You must provide certain documents as instructed so that you are 506C Regulation D applicable (US SEC Securities Rule)


For the Rest of World ,

  • A questionnaire is provided to you to assess your level of accreditation
Step 5 - Wallet
  • You will need to provide your wallet information so that we can send you LOFF coins upon purchase
  • Specify what currency you will be using to invest in LOFF tokens. We accept
    • Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Ethereum
    • FIAT
  • Specify your wallet refund address
  • Specify you wallet LOFF (smartcontract) token address