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Token Sale – Use of ICO Funds

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the LOFF Token sale and become part of the change.

  • Marketing and Global Rollouts 48%
  • IT Rollout and Ongoing Opex 24%
  • Carbon Reserve 6%
  • ICO Costs 9%
  • Group Operations 13%

LOFF tokens will be allocated as follows:


ICO Participants

The amount of tokens will be finalised at the end of the ICO.



This portion of total supply will be kept in reserve for strategic investors and liquidity and treasury purposes.



This portion is for our key ICO Advisors and advocates of our company aims.



This proportion will be for the company founders and management team.


Future Staff

This is reserved to ensure that we continue to attract top-performing employees.



With marketing so key, we will use this allocation for referral programme.


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